Our Champagnes

« The feeling of our company’s natural know-how for a flawless Champagne »

Champagne Brut Didier Chopin

Le Brut

Unique sustained Champagne tint from black grapes. Highly developed nose with ripe fruits and a taste of pastries. The Pinot Noirs and Meuniers brings to this champagne a certain smoothness, freshness, a pleasant and simple curve as well as expressive and fond, this champagne is a pure delight.

This champagne took part in the competition of “Concours de vins et Terroirs Authentiques” in Belgium. Ranked 14 out of 400 participants, it was rewarded.

Champagne Rosé Didier Chopin

Le Rosé

This Champagne, with a rosé colour, has an intense aroma of red berries (strawberries, cherries, raspberries). Its mouth is smooth and delicate, this fresh champagne is perfect for the aperitif.

Champagne Grande Réserve Didier Chopin

La Grande Réserve

A subtlety effervescence. Its nose gives a lots of olfactory sensations (white flowers). Its mouth, fine and smooth, with subtle aroma of dried fruits, glides on a touch of toasted brioche. It is a twinkling combination of freshness and elegance…

Champagne Grande Réserve 1er Cru Didier Chopin

La Grande Réserve 1er Cru

Sa robe de couleur, d’un jaune paille intense, son côté en bouche vous délecte dans vos papilles des notes de fruits frais, un régal ! Tout cela est l’histoire de notre grand cru avec sa bouteille blanche…

Champagne Cuvée 1991

Cuvée 1991

This unique Champagne with an intense and bright colour, gives a sparkling as keen as lasting. Delicate and subtle, its nose reminds the taste of exotic fruits (mango) and floral (rose). An overflow of freshness, the mouth reveals gourmet and delicate senses.

Champagne Mon Amour Rosé

Cuvée « Mon Amour » Rosé de Saigné

This amazing blend issued from “Côte des blancs” grapes has an exceptional elegance : it’s the Chardonnay Champenois in its purest and refined way. The almonds, pear, honey and toasted brioche tastes reveals a fine maturity.

Champagne Cuvée d'Exception Didier Chopin

La Cuvée d’Exception

This champagne with an intense and luminous robe offers an effervescence as fine and dense as it is persistent. Delicate and subtle, the nose evokes notes of exotic fruit (mango) and floral (rose). Overflowing with freshness on the palate, it reveals subtle and delicious sensations.

Le Millésime 2008

Ce très bel assemblage issu de raisins de la côte des blancs, est d’une plénitude et d’une élégance, exceptionnelle : c’est le chardonnay champenois dans son expression la plus pure. Les notes d’amande, de poire, de miel et de brioche grillée relèvent une belle maturité.

Ratafia Didier Chopin

Le Ratafia

It’s made with fine of Champagne and grape must. This liquor is little-known but very appreciated, it is not effervescent and very sweet, and it is as good as an aperitif or as a liqueur.
We commercialized it when it is aged between 8 and 10 years. The advantage of this product is even if it’s opened, you can preserve it several months and the taste won’t be altered.

Coteaux Champenois Didier Chopin

Le Coteaux Champenois

Aged in oak barrels, Coteaux Champenois is a red AOC Champagne wine from vines over 50 years old, which gives it exceptional aromas.