Our Ideas

Always looking for new ideas to please you

Custom bottles and glasses

We now have an engraving machine to customize your bottle of Champagne or glasses.

It can be for a wedding, a baptism, a works council or to gift…

Custom aprons

An excellent choice for a tasting, with the name of your wine cellar!!

You can adjust the size and there is a pocket in the front to put away your wine steward’s equipment.

Champagne ice bucket

Ice bucket with frosted colors!

You just put your ice bucket in the freezer until it is completely whitens, then you put your bottle inside and serve it to your guests. When there is no longer fresh, the original color of the ice bucket gets back.

The classic ice bucket

Classy and modern, the use is made easy with the hook which is under the ice bucket!

Custom labels

What can be better than your picture on a bottle of Champagne? Or a picture of your child for the baptism! And what about a clipart to please a friend who is retiring?!

Every idea is wonderful to make a custom gift!!

Mais aussi plein d’autres goodies comme des vestes, des polos, des boites de capsules, etc.